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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Charlie Intro/Gardening and the global economy

I've invited Charlie to post (I talk like people actually read this) knowing that he's got a solid background in grassroots operations and shares the desire to affect change. I'm not really sure how his posts are accomplishing this but damn it if they're not amusing.

Gardening. I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject and it's incredibly complex. I guess it doesn't have to be, just dig-plant-water-repeat. But they've got all these methods for growing the most in the least space and how different plants will compliment other plants and pest control and time of year and it just keeps gowing. Starting my first garden (since I was five) I'm trying to be proficient and grow a modest yield. I'm not going to dilute myself into thinking I will reduce a grocery bill by that much however the thought of what if everyone were to grow a small garden. I guess it's regressing from the centralized version of society where it's one person's job to grow food for everyone (and the efficiency that may or may not go with it). However, in the scenario that everyone's growing something, we reduce global demand, spread out the nutrient demands of the soil, reduce pesticide use (large farms just pour it on), reduce the polution associated with a.) the tractor/farm equipment b.)the trucking accross many states, the refrigeration requirements (if you pick right before you eat; a stretch I admit), and improve health (it's pretty difficult to grow partially hydrogenated oils). Or I could just sit around, watch some hockey and drink a beer.


  • This sounds brilliant. I wish we had dirt where I live. Sunlight would be a plus, too. Oh well. Luckily there are a few cheeky non-profits that specialize in locally-grown produce for the central urban area. Check it out...

    By Blogger Stellastoria, at 11:44 PM  

  • Yes, I agree, dirt and sun are very helpful and unfortunately I don't have any of them either. In past years I tried to grow herbs and such on the back porch in pots but I've given it up--I only slowly came to realize that while urbanites can buy dirt and plants and trowels and even water, the sun is a tad more difficult to purchase.

    By Blogger dahlj, at 10:59 AM  

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